The 19th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 17-20 July, 1974 in Birmingham, England:

Believing that military encroachment on the Indian Ocean constitutes a threat to world peace

Welcomes the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly of 6 December 1974 favoring a zone of peace in that area,

Deplores the proposal of the United States of America to establish a military base on the United Kingdom territory of Diego Garcia, and the United Kingdom’s decision to provide the facilities to the United States of America; and further

Deplores the presence of the North West Cape base in Australia

Requests the United Nations to take such steps as may be possible to:

(a) Secure the withdrawal of all military bases and naval vessels from the Indian Ocean Zone and

(b) prepare an international convention declaring the Indian Ocean a de-militarized and non-nuclear zone.