The 22nd Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 31 July – 6 August, 1983 in Göteborg, Sweden:

Considering the difficulties of verification in compliance with disarmament treaties and other military surveillance, and

Aware that information by present United States and  Soviet Union satellites is provided at the discretion of the government concerned with consequent questions of validity and critical delay in bilateral and multilateral agreements, and

Realizing that an International Satellite Monitoring Agency (ISMA) studied by an international group if experts has been affirmed ” both possible and feasible”,

We resolve to urge member States of the United Nations to express support to the current study and the report to be submitted to the 38th General Assembly, September-December, 1983.

We further resolve to request members of the WILPF to appeal to their respective governments to contribute financially to this vitally essential International Agency which would facilitate concrete steps towards nuclear disarmament.