The 19th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 17-20 July, 1974 in Birmingham, England:

The Congress resolves as follows:

The problem of family and the emancipation are of growing importance as factors in the achievement of peace and the relaxation of international tension. They are a part of the program of the United Nations Second Development Decade. Consequently, the United Nations General Assembly has declared 1975 International Women’s Year.(Resolution 3010/XXVII)

The aims to be pursued are:

i) Universal recognition of the equality of women and men.

ii) Integration of women in the total development effort and the recognition of the important role women play in economic, social and cultural development.

iii) The recognition of the contribution of women to the strengthening of world peace and the need to widen their participation in the political decision making at national and international levels;

iv) Promotion of peace movements through women’s groups and other organizations and individuals. 

As a contribution to International Women’s Year, we call for:

i) Equal opportunities at all levels of education, promotion of equal rights and responsibilities in the family;

iii) The establishment of social services that will bring into harmony professional and family responsibilities;

iv) Changing the stereotype image and the portrayal of the role and function of women and men in society, from birth, in the home, in schools, the mass media etc.;

v) The protection of mother and child, sufficient kindergartens and day schools.

vi) Special attention to the problems of the young generation, especially with regard to upbringing and integration in society.

vii) Access to training and education in all fields or work especially in the scientific and technological fields.

viii) Improvement of living conditions of rural women and their access to training in modern agricultural methods.

ix) Equal rights and opportunities in the economic field, equal pay for work of equal value and protection of employment.

x) Recognition of the contribution of women to the overall development of their respective countries through their participation in the national economic life.

It is recommended that the national sections of WILPF:

i) In co-operation with other groups and organizations awaken interest in the aims of the International Women’s Year through publicity and education campaigns.

ii) Through different actions bring pressure to bear on the appropriate authorities for the implementation of demands that will bring an essential improvement in the living conditions and social improvement of women.

It is important to participate in the drawing up of a UN Convention which brings together the various aspects of women’s rights to form part of international law and to make public opinion aware of the fact that only through the intensive participation of women – together with men – can best possible development in each country be achieved and the welfare of all and world peace be secured.

We urge that all international bodies, organizations and commissions should instruct their member nations to take steps to ensure that their delegations to all meetings of such groups should fairly represent in their composition the percentage of women in their population.

Understanding how essential it is to have women realize their responsibility to participate in peace making,

We also urge that steps be taken to introduce and improve education for peace especially the procedures of peaceful settlement of disputes on all levels from nursery school to university and continuing adult education.