WILPF made a joint submission for the Universal Periodic Review of Italy, with Fondazione Pangea onlus, Associazione Trama di Terre onlus, Filomena – La rete delle donne, and Unione Donne in Italia.

The joint submission highlights the following concerns and recommendations:

  • Loosening of regulations for the acquisition and use of guns
  • Concerns around the new self-defence legislation
  • Human rights impact of Italy’s arms transfers
  • The need for a tighter arms transfers regulation 
  • Concerns around the response to migration flows
  • The National Action Plan 1325 (NAP 1325)

Download the full joint submission for the UPR of Italy

In October 2019, on the occasion of the UPR pre-session of Italy, WILPF also released additional recommendations on women’s rights for the UPR of Italy, together with Fondazione Pangea onlus, Cooperativa sociale Be free, Associazione Filomena la rete delle Donne, Associazione Parsec, Unione Donne in Italia (UDI), Casa Internazionale delle Donne di Roma, Nosotras onlus, Associazione Trama di Terre, Forum of Mediterranean Women Journalists, Associazione Germoglio Viola-Milano, Centro Antiviolenza Renata Fonte, Giraffa onlus, Prospettiva Donna onlus, Cooperativa Prassi e Ricerca, Associazione Ponte Donna and Associazione Punto D.

Download the recommendations for the UPR of Italy