The 24th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 14-25 July, 1989 in Sydney, Australia:

The peoples in Latin America are waging a long struggle against military governments, dictatorships and those “bad”, “supposedly” elected democracies that support the weapons and arms race and a permanent violation of human rights. Also these governments are involved in trafficking in narcotics and condone with impunity military, paramilitary and death squad atrocities against the peoples.

1. WILPF calls for the immediate freedom of the political prisoners in Chile and in other Latin American countries. We oppose the intentions of militarizing Costa Rica. We urge compliance with Esquipulas II signed by Central American countries. We commend Nicaragua for respecting Esquipulas II and urge El Salvador and Guatemala to do the same.

2. WILPF stands in solidarity with all the movements of independence and freedom in Latin America, as well as with the social and political sectors that are trying to end the climate of permanent war.

3. WILPF will:

  1. encourage the people of Latin America, many of them being killed and tortured day by day in the defence of their rights and in the daily struggle for survival;
  2. work for the creation of WILPF sections in all the South American countries to strengthen links of unity and try to find ways of freedom and justice together;
  3. participate in the next tribunal to be held in Brazil in 1990. The meeting, called by Perez Esquivel (Nobel peace prize recipient) , is organized against the impunity (complicity) of the governments in terrorizing their people.