Middle East

29 July 1965

The 16th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 26-31 July, 1965 in The Hague, Holland:

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom,

Directs attention to the recommendations made in 1958 by the WILPF International Executive designed to broaden the knowledge of the problems of the Middle East through increasing contacts by members with the peoples of the State of Israel and of the Arab countries, and through cooperation by members in projects involving both Israelis and Arabs;

Notes the action of the 1959 Congress agreeing to the establishment of a WILPF Middle East Fund, which would make it possible for the League to undertake missions of fact-finding and reconciliation by a group of WILPF members;

Believing that the League has a responsibility for obtaining unbiased, objective information as to the causes of tension in the Middle East, and for furnishing such information to its members as the basis for expanding the Leagues activities in this area, particularly in connection with the refugee problem;

Recommends to the International Executive that every possible effort be made to implement the action of the 1959 Congress in establishing the Middle East Fund.