The 20th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 11-15 August, 1977 in Tokyo, Japan:

WILPF reaffirms the concern of the 19th WILPF Congress for the establishment of a New International Economic Order and

Emphasizes the need for fundamental rethinking about the necessary changes in national and international economic relationships, in particular:

1) Launching an educational program to stimulate international understanding and to face the need for changes in socio-political structures in order to promote greater equality among all citizens;

2) Calling an international conference to discuss ways of relieving the debts of less developed countries, establishing effective commodity stabilization agreements and a common fund;

3) Ensuring that any commitment by donor countries to meet the UN targets of official development aid be honoured in order to facilitate project planning in the recipient countries;

4) Developing a sense of responsibility by multinational corporations, with such international control as necessary.

(See also the Call for Fundamental Economic Change by Non-Violent Means by the 19th Congress of WILPF in July, 1974)

(See also the resolution of the Executive Committee in August, 1972 reiterating WILPF’s opposition to competitive regional economic blocs whose motive is the self-interest of the affluent at the expense of the under-privileged.)