Nuclear-Free Pacific Region

28 July 1986

The 23nd International Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 23 – 29 July, 1986 in Zeist, the Netherlands:

The Twenty-Third International Congress of WILPF, meeting at Zeist, the Netherlands, 23-20 July 1986,

Commending the initiative of the South Pacific Nuclear-Free Zone Treaty adopted at the South Pacific Forum Meeting in August 1985 and containing protocols to be signed by the five nuclear powers,

Calls for its extension to the whole of the Pacific Ocean, and the prohibition of all parts of the nuclear fuel cycle including mining, testing, transport of nuclear material, nuclear-powered and/or armed ships, and nuclear material dumping,

Supports those Pacific Island nations wishing to extend the ambit of the Treaty, and asks WILPF sections to encourage their own and other governments to work for the establishment of nuclear-free zones in other parts of the globe.