The 19th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 17-20 July, 1974 in Birmingham, England:

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, meeting in its 19th Triennial Congress at Birmingham, 17-20 July 1974,

Recognizing that nuclear power, whether used for weaponry or peaceful purposes presents grave dangers to health, life, peace and the environment, and that of all pollutants radioactive fissionable materials which is the most contaminating;

Recognizing that the world lives under the shadow of annihilation because of uncontrolled stockpiling of nuclear weapons in so-called overkill quantities;

Realizing that accelerated development of nuclear energy for war and peace has already presented a disposal problem of radioactive waste that defies solution;

Knowing that testing nuclear devices and operating nuclear power plants seriously irradiate air and water, and that the first by-product of the “peaceful” reactor is plutonium, a small amount of which is sufficient to make a nuclear bomb;

Being aware that at the same time there are alternative sources of energy such as the sun, winds, tides and geothermal heat;

We urge intensive worldwide research and development of these safe and clean natural resources to replace the nuclear source, and

We reaffirm the necessity for a total permanent cessation of all nuclear weapons testing, manufacturing and stockpiling, as well as of refraining from the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.  To prevent the death of the earth and the incalculable suffering of all living things we demand the elimination of existing nuclear arsenals, and furthermore

We demand an immediate moratorium on licensing, siteing, building, selling and operating nuclear plants anywhere in the world.