7 August 2014

Oslo July 29 2014

Mr.Børge Brende
Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs


Dear Børge Brende

Israel’s attack on Gaza is a planned act of aggression and war according to reliable sources, including Israeli sources. These acts of state terrorism increasingly appear as war crimes against a population without a means of protecting themselves. Even hospitals and schools are targets Israeli attacks, resulting in the deliberate killing of children and vulnerable groups.

The international community is idly watching this continued violation of human rights of the Palestinians, the discrimination of an entire population, and the robbing of their freedom of movement, legal rights, access to education, water, housing and medical assistance.

Norwegian weapons and weapon components are currently in use in the occupied territory. Norwegian exports of military equipment to Israel contribute to the support of an occupying power. In addition since Norway provided heavy water to Israel in 1959 contributing significantly to Israeli’s military capacity, the Norwegian government has a responsibility to the conflict. This obligation remains even today.

WILPF Norway urges the Norwegian government to

  • take an uncompromising stand to the Israeli war machine
  • demand the lifting of the current blockade and introduce of economic sanctions if this does not occur
  • stop all trade of military equipment with Israel and
  • urge USA and other nations to stop economic and military assistance to Israel

WILPF Norway appreciates all active efforts to make Israel stop the horrible bombing of the people in Gaza. We ask the Norwegian Government and the Minister of Foreign Affairs to support our demands for action, which can stop the current occupation of the Palestinian Territories and genocide.




K. Margrethe Kvam Tingstad                                       Edel Havin Beukes

National President                                                       Deputy President and IB member