Open Letter to Member States of the General Assembly on the Selection Process of the UN Secretary-General

11 November 2014

We join Amnesty International, Equality Now, FEMNET, Social Watch, and other NGOs in endorsing the 1 for 7 billion campaign to find the best UN leader for 2016 through a transparent, open process.

Strongly committed to upholding the UN Charter and its value, we have agreed on a set of principles and made proposals that form the basis for urgent and credible reform. The proposals are realistic and do not require an amendment of the UN Charter. Many of them have already been endorsed by a majority of UN Member States.

They include publication of formal selection criteria, a call for nominations and a clear timetable for the selection process that enables adequate assessment of candidates, including through an official list of candidates and the submission of candidate vision statements.

Please take a moment to read and sign on to this open letter.