Opposition to Military Installations in Cuba

9 August 2004

The 28th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, meeting 2–8 August 2004 in Gothenburg, Sweden

1. In recognition of the 44-year-old blockade against Cuba and the United States government’s continued publicly funded efforts to overthrow the Cuban government and influence a post-Castro era;

2. In recognition of the recent antagonistic shifts in policy by the United States government, including:

a) Attempts by the U.S, to isolate Cuba within the international community,

b) The elimination of nearly all forms of legal travel to Cuba by people in the United States

c) The denial of U.S. visas to Cuban citizens wishing to travel to the United States,

d) The designation of Cuba as an ‘Axis of Evil’ country and allegations of chemical and biological weapons production, despite statements to the contrary by top U.S. Defense Department officials,

e) The suspension of semi-annual immigration talks with Cuba,

f) The increased use of U.S. military aircraft to invade and jam Cuban airwaves with hostile broadcasting from Radio and TV Marti, a U.S. station that produces propaganda aimed at overthrowing the Cuban government,

g) The restriction of family visits by Cuban-Americans to just one trip of 14 days every 3 years, and the redefinition of who constitutes ‘family’ for the purposes of limiting legal travel,

h) The expulsion of many Cuban diplomats from the United States for reasons unknown and/or unfounded, and

i) The continued occupation and use of Guantanamo, Cuba as a U.S. military installation and its current use as a military prison in which international ‘detainees’ are not afforded due process under international law

3. In recognition of WILPF’s long tradition of woman-to-woman diplomacy ñ from the delegations that left from The Hague in 1915 to stop World War I, to Emily Greene Balch’s trips to Haiti, through the Peace Declaration signed by United States WILPF and Vietnamese Women’s Organizations in 1971;

4. Be it resolved that the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom at its 28th International Congress in Goteborg, Sweden, 2-8 August 2004;

5. Reaffirms the resolutions passed by the 15th WILPF International Congress in 1962, the 21st Congress in 1980, the 26th Congress in 1995, and the 27th WILPF International Congress in 1998 supporting the sovereignty and defending the rights of self-determination for the Cuban people;

6. Calls on WILPF members to continue seeking dialogue and people-to-people exchanges with Cuba through travel and other means;

7. Calls on WILPF sections to lobby their governments and the United Nations to put pressure on the United States to end the blockade and normalize relations with Cuba, and further condemn the Bush administration for the recent policies developed from the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba;

8. Expresses our intent as an international peace and justice organization with sections in 37 countries around the world to continue to work in solidarity with the people of Cuba for peace, racial, economic, and social justice; the protection of human rights; and the participation of women in decision-making.