Finally and conclusively Israel has revealed its true nature to the global community with the murder of  the international  peace activists on board the Free Gaza flotilla. For the past four years Gaza has been under an Israeli seige exposing its residents to a grave humanitarian crisis, filling hospitals with  the handicapped, blessing families with acute and indescribable depression,  further devasating one of the most impoverished areas in the world.

For over fifty years successive Israeli governments have been slaughtering Palestinians, confiscating their land, denying their identity, turning Palestinian lives into a patchwork quilt of raw struggle, and  merrily adopting a policy and practice of ” shoot to kill” on sight.
By all means ” isolate” Israel through the ever growing and clear disgust of each and every one confronted with such barbarity. But recall the Israeli government will welcome it, and thrive- it will translate and  turn  all its actrocities and  war crimes into blatant and outrageous rhetoric with the help of a Goldiclocks US President and millions of US dollars later dedicated to the militarisation of Israel.

At the same time the Israeli public are not fools and must realise that they are now on the slippery slope to nowhere led by a government  going nowhere beyond  philisophical nihilism  and poltically bankcruptcy.

The timid response of the Obama to this last  slaughter is to deplored.  It is as if there were a constant snowfall, blanketing the very existence of Palestine, its people, its culture and the right to life.

I understand that the Rapporteur  for the UN Richard Falk is to be given 3 minutes -given a few seconds  more or less on June 14th before the Human Rights Council.and we shall be sure to make our outrage clear, our condemnation unquivocable.