The 20th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 11-15 August, 1977 in Tokyo, Japan:

WILPF stresses the importance of teaching at all levels of education, the causes and costs of conflicts and war; and instilling the desire for peace and harmony, with the understanding of the means for reaching this goal.

Therefore, be it resolved that the WILPF through each of its national sections, use its influence and its resources to promote education for peace and freedom.

1) Working with education authorities to prepare and introduce suitable curricula and textbooks at all levels of education; to remove all teaching materials which glorify war and which suppose that armed conflict and violence are the only means of settling international and intra-national disputes;

2) Co-operating with teacher groups in developing suitable methods for teaching peace and freedom; disseminating information about current developments;

3) Forming coalitions with other peace groups interested promoting peace and freedom education;

4) Placing special emphasis on the work of the United Nations and its agencies.

It is further recommended that each national section appoint a Chair whose responsibility it would be to encourage and to coordinate the work of the section in promoting peace education. This Chair would report to the Chair for Peace Education of the International WILPF the activities of the national section as a means of furthering peace education among all national sections of the Organization.