Peace in the Countries of Former Yugoslavia

5 August 1995

The 26th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, August 1-6, 1995 in Helsinki, Finland:

The 26th International WILPF Congress believes that the peacemaking process in the countries of former Yugoslavia should be to restore the multicultural society and not to divide Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

WILPF does not support an expanded mandate for the UN peacekeeping forces in the region. It must remain that of peacekeeping. Instead of the deployment of Rapid Intervention Forces we call for large‐scale international civilian assistance by sending, for example, teams of doctors, social workers, peace educators, peace witnesses and others to help build democratic societies.

We call for women to be at least equal in number to men in all phases of the peace‐ making process, including negotiation and mediation.

We request total disarmament in the region to be monitored by joint UN/NGO teams. Monitoring of arms coming to the region as a whole must be reinforced.

WILPF supports the International War Crimes Tribunal on former Yugoslavia to bring to justice those on all sides of the conflict who are responsible for, and have committed, war crimes and human rights violations. Because of the vicious and massive crimes committed against women and their need to feel safe, we demand that the Tribunal be composed of a majority of women judges.

WILPF supports all democratic and human rights forces in the region. We fully support plans for, and are ready to assist in, the establishment of International Women’s Peace Centers wherever there is an interest.


Each WILPF section to

(a) press their governments to offer asylum and other assistance to deserters and war resisters from the countries of former Yugoslavia;

(b) help provide better treatment and acceptance of refugees; and

(c) to better coordinate assistance given to the region.