The COVID-19 pandemic knows no borders. It further knows no gender, class, or race. This virus does not
discriminate, but our societies do. Around the world we have built systems and structures that privilege
the few and disadvantage the many. When a crisis as unprecedented as the current pandemic hits,
inequalities are exacerbated. This holds particularly true for gender equality which, despite encouraging
steps forward, no country is on track to achieve by 2030. This not only fails politically marginalised
groups, in particular women, girls and gender-nonconforming people but also greatly hinders the
international community’s commitment to foster peace and security. Amidst a concerning global
rollback on the limited gains of gender equality, governments and foreign ministries must apply a
feminist perspective to their COVID-19 response to prevent a set-back, to safeguard existing progress,
and advance more quickly towards their goals.

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