5 August 1995

The 26th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, August 1-6, 1995 in Helsinki, Finland:

The 26th International WILPF Congress defines racism as ‘an international system of power that places one group superior and another inferior, based on colour’ and mandates the International Executive Committee to establish a Working Group to:

a) formulate policy to combat racism both within and outside WILPF;

b) formulate an anti‐racist and equal‐opportunities WILPF policy which includes a clear definition of racism;

c) recruit actively a multi‐racial membership; and

(d) network with multi‐racial and anti‐racist organizations. WILPF shall include its anti‐racist and equal opportunities policy on all of its policy statement and confront all other forms of discrimination, internally and externally. WILPF shall pay special attention to the issue of racism in its relations with international and all other institutions and organizations.