Since inception in 2005 the Young WILPF Network has been an invaluable resource for younger members to engage in the principles and goals of WILPF, and to renew WILPF’s membership among younger generations.


The Young WILPF Network has grown to more than 100 members organising internationally, and in national sections. Young WILPF is moving forward with constitutional reform efforts to ensure that it’s structure and role are consolidated into WILPF’s organisation into the future.


Until such time as there is constitutional recognition of the Young WILPF Network, the IB would like to affirm the existence of the International Young WILPF Network.


The IB would like to affirm that where two WILPF members aged under 35 wish to create a national Young WILPF Network, that they have the ability to do so, without need for approval from the national section. Any such group will inform its Section and as WILPF members, uphold WILPF’s aims and principles.


The ability to form a national Young WILPF Network is inferred from the IB decision of 2005 to create YWILPF, and while constitutional reform is desirable, it is not a necessity in order for young members to organize a Young WILPF Network.