Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom IEC held in lieu of the 27th Triennial Congress, July 27-August 3, 2001 in Geneva, Switzerland:

WILPF International Executive Committee Meeting 2001

1. Welcomes the Chernobyl resolution adopted by the European Parliament on April 28, 2001

Requesting a revision of the model of radiation risk to health (from Hiroshima to Chernobyl)

2. Welcomes the new World Health Organisation report on iodine prophylaxis in case of accidents, which calls for an intervention level enhanced ten fold,

3. Commends the decision of the World Health Assembly (Swiss initiative, supported by Norway and Canada) to prepare a report on possible restrictions placed on the World Health Organisation work on health effects of radiation by the 1959 International Atomic Energy Agency/World Health Organisation agreement

4. Reaffirms its resolution of 2000 that demands the amendment of the IAEA/WHO Agreement

5. Requests that the World Health Organisation report on depleted uranium take into account the suffering of civilian and military victims of depleted uranium in the Gulf and Balkan wars, and reject the analysis by NATO, the Pentagon and military laboratories which only serves to justify these weapons.

6. Asks the United Nations Fact Finding Mission which is currently in Chernobyl affected areas to take into account the well documented plight of the victims of Chernobyl, rather than rely on the conclusions of UNSCEAR and the IAEA, which are marred by conflicts of interest.

7. Asks for the immediate release of Professor Bandazhevsky and for an end to the harassment of independent researchers, physicians, and specialists in health effects of radiation.