Statement On The Occasion Of The Social Protests In BiH

14 February 2014

Photo Credit: Cynthia Cockburn

Sarajevo, 14 February 2014

Statement on the occasion of the social protests in BiH

“The rule of law, including full respect for equality between citizen and assurance of equal participation of women and men in all spheres of live, are imperative for further development of Bosnia and Herzegovina” – concluded the women participating in a conference Women Organizing for Change in Syria and Bosnia, that was held in Sarajevo. The participants of the conference, long-term activists from all over the country, are supporting the demands of the demonstrators throughout Bosnia, and highlight that there is no further development of democratic processes without equal participation and representation of women and men in decision-making bodies, at all levels of governance, which is also guaranteed by the provision in the Law on Gender Equality of BiH. Gender equality must be an integrative part of building a just society. Without gender equality there is no real social justice.

The participants of the conference stressed that one of the demands towards the government should be the limitation of mandates in a sense that no citizen can candidate or be elected for any function for more than three mandates, at any level of the government. This would create an environment where marginalization of youth would no longer be possible. With the aim of establishing mechanisms for monitoring of the implementation of the laws the country needs to improve its bodies for inspection and other monitoring bodies, as well as limit the mandates of the heads of these institutions.

The citizens must not be limited in their enjoyment of their rights to social and health protection by the constitutional structure of the state created by the Dayton Peace agreement. Establishment of a Fund for Social Protection is an imperative for equalization of social and health rights, especially those that lie within the competencies of cantons and entities and Brcko District, which also includes maternity rights and benefits and alike. All budgetary means planned for different reimbursements to governmental representatives should be redirected to the Fund for social protection.

The participants of this conference will present these demands also through the different plenums that are being organized in their local communities.

Signed by

UHD Prijateljice

Infoteka Zenica

Centar za pravnu pomoć ženama Zenica

Fondacija Bosanskohercegovačka inicijativa žena

Fondacija CURE Sarajevo

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