Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom IEC held in lieu of the 27th Triennial Congress, July 27-August 3, 2001 in Geneva, Switzerland:

WILPF International Executive Meeting 2001 is appalled by the tragic and highly dangerous situation in Palestine that the international community has allowed to develop.

We unreservedly condemn Israel’s continuous occupation and siege of the West Bank and Gaza and East Jerusalem, the bombing of Palestinian institutions and assassinations of individuals, the demolition of residential homes and the destruction of agricultural land and installations and of water resources in retaliation for the Palestinians continued resistance against Israel’s brutal occupation.

We underline the important responsibility of the United Nations, in particular the Security Council toward the Palestinians. We call on the UN and its Member States to take the necessary actions to uphold international law as it pertains to the Israel Palestine conflict, ensuring the implementation of the relevant UN resolutions and decisions and the Geneva conventions. Such action is critical in laying the foundation for ending the occupation, violence and destruction and entering the cycle of peace.

We urge the United Nations to provide for the immediate international physical protection of the Palestinian people.

We call on the UN Security Council to appoint a Middle East Co-coordinator charged with arranging a Conference on the Middle East with a balanced representation of States, to negotiate terms of a just settlement based on the two-States solution, on other relevant UN resolutions and on international law. Negotiations should include terms of mutual disarmament, extending to the larger region of the Middle East, including Iran, Iraq and all the Gulf States.

WILPF fully supports and reaffirms our position as to Jerusalem. We recognise the state of Palestine within the pre-June 4th 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.