The Nuclear Arms Race in Europe

22 August 1980

The 21st Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 19-23 August, 1980 in Hamden, Connecticut:

The 21st Triennial Congress of the Women’s International league for Peace and Freedom,

Considering that the biggest concentration of weapons of all types, especially of nuclear weapons, is found in Europe and that a danger exists of a further buildup of more destructive weapons just in this area,

Affirming as stated by several research institutes that a close balance between the NATO and the Warsaw Pact countries already exists concerning land-based nuclear weapons and other types of nuclear weapons centered on the European theater,

Convinced that a freezing of this balance must be an essential start for negotiations for reduction of the potential danger existing in Europe,

Urges strongly that the governments involved take initial steps for an annulment of the decision of deployment of 572 medium-range missiles as decided by NATO in December last year and a halt to further deployment of the SS-20 missiles on the Soviet side.