Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom IEC held in lieu of the 27th Triennial Congress, July 27-August 3, 2001 in Geneva, Switzerland:

WILPF International Executive Committee Meeting 2001 considers that the Italian authorities

by blocking the traffic (trains, ships, public transport) to prevent the public from being present in Genova to demonstrate peacefully before the G-8 summit

by criminalising persons by listing them electronically and forbidding them to enter Italy

by having secret service agents from seven countries in Genova a month before the G-8 Meeting

did not appear to prevent violence during the demonstration, but instead provoked it.

WILPF is deeply concerned that:

the police did not react properly to those who committed violence, but attacked the peaceful demonstrators who were by far the majority;

it is obvious that the police were not trained to deal with peaceful demonstrators;

the overreaction of the police escalated conflict and created frustration and provocation even within the non-violent part of the demonstration. In such a highly emotional context, Carlo Giuliani was killed;

basic human rights were violated and legal and diplomatic assistance were refused in many cases;

people were indiscriminately arrested while seeking medical attention and others declined medical treatment due to fear of arbitrary arrest;

people who were arrested were denied adequate medical treatment;

there were cases of brutal violence on the part of the police, that have been document;

materials that document abuses by the authorities have been confiscated and equipment of the Genova Social Forum was destroyed.

WILPF asks

1. for an immediate and official independent inquiry into the role and performance of the Italian Minister for the Interior, in reference to the actions of the Italian police and Carabinieri;

2. for joint efforts all over Europe (by European institutions, the European Parliament and national parliaments and governments) and in the wider world to study the disastrous and excessive forms of violence used in Genova;

3. that those arrested have access to legal advice and representation, and that they be guaranteed a fair and just trial, and be adequately compensated for the mistreatment that they received;

4. that in the future, preventive and de-escalating strategies should be seriously prepared and supported by all participants involved;

5. that, in the future, demands from the protest groups and civil society for the G-8 representatives take a sustainable future seriously into account.