The United Nations

5 July 1992

The 25th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 1-6 July 1992 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia:

We affirm our support of the United Nations and its institutions as an essential pillar in the construction of world peace.

To maintain the people’s trust in the United Nations and prevent the undermining of its very essence – multilateral approaches to the resolution of global problems based on equality and in mutual interest of nations – it is essential that all provisions of the Charter be strictly adhered to. We consider the Security Council’s selective enforcement of resolutions as a violation of the Charter and a danger to the existence of the United Nations.

We denounce the pressures often put by certain powerful states on the smaller and poor countries in an effort to eliminate their independent voices in the United Nations, particularly in the Security Council.

We call for a thorough scrutiny of the Charter with a view to developing and strengthening certain of its provisions that would make the Security Council accountable to the General Assembly for its decisions and actions.

In the longer term, we call for changes in the Charter that would provide for a more democratic structure of the Security Council, such as an increase in its numbers on the basis of equality and regional representativity and the abolition of the ‘permanent’ membership.