Toxic Substances

22 August 1980

The 21st Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 19-23 August, 1980 in Hamden, Connecticut:

To all Sections:

Whereas dangerously toxic substances when banned or restricted in one country are now shipped to other countries, especially third world nations which may be unaware of their dangers, causing suffering and death, particularly among infants and children as well as extensive damage to the environment; and

Whereas toxic chemicals presented as insecticides and herbicides are the same substances used in chemical warfare and banned by a Geneva Protocol which was signed by the US in 1975 and shipment of these substances to foreign countries brings them closer, as weapons to US military targets; and

Whereas ecologically sound alternatives to the use of these hazardous substances have been convincingly and repeatedly demonstrated;

Be it therefore resolved that the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, meeting in its 21st International Congress at Quinnpiac College,19-23 August 1980, urges all sections to:

  1. Educate themselves on these vital issues;
  2. Like wise educate the population around them;
  3. Inform legislatures and regulatory agencies of these facts and their implications for  world disaster demanding correcting actions.

And the International Office of WILPF, for its part, further resolves to press through its UN  delegation for creative solutions at the international level to these alarming global problems; to take the lead in helping people everywhere to understand and to take corrective local actions, before it is too late, in curbing the exploitative and irresponsible practices of corporations; and to establish ecologically sound alternatives so that pure water, food, soil, air and sound bodies may once more be the birthright of our children.