UN Security Council Reform

5 August 1995

The 26th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, August 1-6, 1995 in Helsinki, Finland:

The 26th International WILPF Congress is deeply concerned about the Security Council’s future structure and scope now under discussion. This is the opportunity to democratize the Security Council. We urge you to increase the number of members by adding at least 10 more non‐permanent members all to be elected by the General Assembly.

Adding new permanent members as is proposed by some would be a retrogression and an insult to the overwhelming majority of smaller states who have significantly contributed to the UN peace efforts over the years.

It is our ardent wish that in the not too distant future all members of the Security Council will be elected, and that there will no longer be a privileged group of permanent members with the right to veto decisions taken by a majority of Member States. It is our conviction that it would be a great disservice to the people of the United Nations, and against the interests of the organization itself, to add to the present number of privileged Permanent Members or establish another category of privileged members of the Security Council.

As women we know what discrimination and domination mean. We oppose them with all our strength, and work for the democratization of society which must include the full participation of women in planning, decision‐making, and in all peace and security processes. We will do our utmost to prevent the institutionalizing of further privileges at any level and in all areas of activity.


(a) To send the statement of all UN Member States; and

(b) to launch or join in a women’s support campaign for the democratization of the Security Council.
(Note: A petition with a text based on this resolution has been prepared jointly by ISMUN and WILPF. WILPF sections are asked to collect signatures of women who wish to support the WILPF position).