The 24th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 14-25 July, 1989 in Sydney, Australia:

In what may be called an education for war, children and young people are influenced by means of toys, computer games and TV and video films. Here, war is glorified and conflicts are solved by violence at a national as well as at an individual level. The computer games and the films create an enemy concept. One may assume that this influence will be particularly strong from certain computer games that will take up to sixty hours to play. Moreover, these games require an active participation from the players, which will promote violence even more.

It is proposed:

  • that WILPF inform its national sections of this influence of toys, certain books and comic books, computer games and TV-and video films on children and young people;
  • that WILPF in the declaration of its program include that active work against war indoctrination through toys, computer games, TV and video films is an important part of WILPF’S education for peace.