The 22nd Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 31 July – 6 August, 1983 in Göteborg, Sweden:

In view of the following:

The people of WPNG (West Irian) are Melanesian and are ethnically related to the peoples of Papua New Guinea,

These people have not enjoyed their full human and cultural freedom since 1660 when they were colonized by the Dutch and in 1963 this control was passed to the Sukarno Indonesian Government,

West Papuans(Iraniese) were denied their right to self determination in 1969 during a so-called Act of Free Choice – an exercise carried out by the Indonesian military in the presence of the United Nations observers,

Since 1965 the West Papuans have been cruelly repressed by the Indonesian military and their way of life threatened: (i) dissent is ruthlessly crushed; (ii) Papuan culture is being systematically destroyed by the forced colonization by the Indonesians and the use of Indonesian language in schools; (iii) West Papuan resources have been plundered by foreign interests with the assistance of the Indonesian administration, e.g. oil, copper, nickel, forests and seafood,

WILPF International initiates a campaign to bring to the notice  of the world and particularly to the United Nations, the plight of the peoples of WPNG (West Irian).

Such a campaign is to be comprised of educational and action aspects and the following demands:

a) A withdrawal of all Indonesian military personnel from West Irian.

b) A cessation of the Indonesian colonization program.

c) A new United Nations controlled and supervised plebiscite to determine the will of the people of WPNG (West Irian), free of interference from the Indonesian military regime.