West Papua

28 July 1986

The 23nd International Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 23 – 29 July, 1986 in Zeist, the Netherlands:

(from Res. on Right of all Indigenous Peoples, adopted as 23rd Congress, zeist, Netherlands. 1986)

The Twenty-Third International Congress of WILPF, meeting at Zeist, the Netherlands, 23-29 July 1986,

Recognizing the deprivation of land holding and cultural heritage suffered by the West Papuans (Irian Jaya) following its incorporation into Indonesia in 1969, and the continuing  transmigration policy of the Indonesian Government, funded by the World Bank, which facilitates this alienation of the indigenous inhabitants,

Urges WILPF International Executive Committee and WILPF sections to request the United Nations Secretary-General to review the Act of Free Choice by which West Papua became incorporated into Indonesia, and to take appropriate steps in the light of the recommendations of the report of the United Nations observer of that Act of Free Choice.