Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom IEC held in lieu of the 27th Triennial Congress, July 27-August 3, 2001 in Geneva, Switzerland:

The present conflict in West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya) is rooted in the so-called “Act of Free Choice” of 1969, which delivered West Papua to Indonesia after the departure of the former Dutch colonizers. This Act was a manipulated process involving only a small portion of the West Papuan population under duress and grave threat if they had voted for independence from Indonesia.

Since 1969, horrific human rights abuses, including rape, long term imprisonment, murder and bloody conflict have taken place and that more than 100,000 West Papuans have died as a result and that human rights violations are increasing.

WILPF International Executive Committee Meeting 2001 supports the political independence for the West Papuan people, and their call for an East Timorese-style ballot in their pursuit of self-determination followed by democratic elections to inaugurate a representative parliament.

Recognizing that profits from the rich resource extraction in West Papua have not gone to the indigenous people, and that extraction processes have destroyed much of the environment of the indigenous people, WILPF calls for

economic independence for the West Papuan people and for the development of an economic system in West Papua that is beneficial to the majority of the West Papuan people;

immediate and adequate international assistance for the Wet Papuan people in order to ensure the continuation of their full access to services such as education, health and housing services;

in all development projects a guarantee of protection for the environment of West Papua;

Being aware that

the territorial integrity and human rights of the West Papuan people have been consistently violated by the TNI over successive Indonesian governments;

trials are being carried out and independent observers from outside West Papua have not been permitted to witness them;

transmigration and militarization of West Papuan territory has been purposely and forcibly carried out in order to subdue the indigenous people,

WILPF condemns the atrocities and human rights violations that have been perpetrated against the West Papuan people and Indonesia’s policies of transmigration.

WILPF calls for

the immediate withdrawal from West Papua of all Indonesian military and their militias;

that a just peace be brokered using methods of conflict resolution acceptable to the West Papuan people;

that all forms of military support for and ties with the Indonesian military should cease;

that the governments of the world should stop the export of military goods, technology and training to the Indonesian military, cease issuing export permits for military material and refuse to participate in joint military exercises with Indonesia until all Indonesian military atrocities have ceased and those guilty of crimes against humanity have been tried;

that the perpetrators of crimes of violence, including crimes of rape of women and children, be brought to justice through a UN supervised mechanism;

that those West Papuan refugees, sheltering in Papua New Guinea, be assisted to return to their homeland without fear of intimidation;

that all Indonesian nationals presently living in West Papua wishing to return to their homelands be assisted with their repatriation;

that the United Nations monitor and assist with all these processes.