WILPF International Board Statement on Nakba Day

15 May 2019

WILPF International Board Statement on Nakba Day

The International Board of WILPF is meeting this 15 May 2019 in Geneva and as we do so we reflect on the importance of this date in the history of the Middle East, specifically the fate of the State of Palestine and the Palestinians. WILPF in Palestine sent us the following statement:

From 1949 to 2019, 15 May reminds us of the constant, continuous and undeclared state of war and the violations of human rights perpetrated in the Occupied territories. The growth of illegal settlements, continued occupation, walls which divide people, the repetitive bombing of Gaza and the shooting of Palestinian demonstrators, all contrary to international law, and destruction of our shared humanity, both Israeli and Palestinian.

On the anniversary of the Nakba Day, WILPF acknowledges the Nakba and supports the human rights of Palestinian people including the right to property, restitution and compensation as core components for self-determination and Peace.

WILPF calls upon the international community to take all measures under International Law to hold Israel accountable for its ongoing strategy and crimes committed against Palestinian people including forcible transfer, colonisation and apartheid.

The realisation of the human rights, freedom and dignity of the Palestinian people is essential and urgent.

Download the PDF version of the WILPF International Board Statement on Nakba Day.