• Fully implement the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1325, 1820, 1888 and 1889 that aims at protecting women from any sexual violence; incidents of rape and trafficking and hold the government responsible for protecting the Syrian women refugees and providing civil, social and human rights services.
  • Lift reservations on Article 9, paragraph 2 in CEDAW related to Nationality, to end discrimination against women married to non-Jordanians and urgently amend the existing citizenship law to apply gender equality, as well as lift hardships faced by children and husbands related to residency, enrolment in government free education, provision of health care services, and deprivation of work permits.
  • Achieve a women’s quota of at least 30% in parliament by 2015 to move closer to the Millennium Development Goals targets.
  • Develop a law that criminalizes all forms of violence against women, including marital rape, decriminalization of abortion for victims of rape and eliminating all exceptions that allow underage marriages; and provide reliable and safe services and shelters for abused women outside households.
  • Prohibit any marriage contracts for minor females, and punish those who agree to arrange marriage contracts for minors as it violates Jordanian law and international conventions.


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