Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom IEC held in lieu of the 27th Triennial Congress, July 27-August 3, 2001 in Geneva, Switzerland:

Pursuant to United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, and the European Parliament Resolution on this subject of November 2000, WILPF urges States and inter-governmental organizations

to recruit more women to diplomatic service, give more women diplomatic assignments and training, and include more women in fact-finding and field missions and in peace negotiations;

to include more women as trainers in training programs for crisis management, and to use more local gender expertise in field offices, refugee camps, and peace building activities, thus avoiding sexual attacks on women;

to greatly increase funding for trauma treatments, witness protection and for every assistance and support, including the possibility of abortion if freely chosen for victims of sexual assault and rape in areas of armed conflict;

to provide specific training and employment programmes as well as credits for women to use their resources and enable them to benefit equally from reconstruction efforts.