The 22nd Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 31 July – 6 August, 1983 in Göteborg, Sweden:

Exploitation of Third World Women and Peace.

Whereas in the quest for peace and social justice among the Third World nations and the world as a whole, the First World had a crucial and vital role to play,

Whereas the social injustices suffered by the people of the Third world, particularly women, can be attributed to certain activities and attitudes of the First World, tending to reinforce colonial values such as are manifested in: sex tourism; prostitution, pornography and sexist advertisement; the exploitation of Third World women by the Transnational corporations as a cheap source of labour, exposing them to hazardous working conditions and denying them their civil liberties; the dumping of dangerous contraceptives which are banned in the country of origin; the use of dangerous technologies in health care and the export of Third World women to the First World as inter alia cheap domestic servants and para- medics,

Whereas this being the International Decade of Women,

It is hereby resolved that WILPF sections request the Committee on the Status of Women and in preparation for the end of decade conference to encourage and promote the understanding among all women of the problems and issues that confront the Third World women through the dissemination of information and help combat the violence perpetrated against women in the form of pornography, sexist advertising, prostitution and sex tourism. Further, we condemn the exploitation of Third World women by the TNCs both as a source of cheap labour and a market for dangerous pharmaceuticals and technologies.