Saturday 25 November, our 1-Day #WILPFRealChange campaign for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women was positively welcomed and has thus been a great occasion to extend the confidence between us and our donors.


The crowdfunding on the CauseVox platform has raised, in one single day, the amount of 790 US$, allowing WILPF’s donors to receive some lovely goodies taken from our 2018 collection (Calendars & Greetings cards packs). Those who couldn’t be part of this campaign can still purchase these goodies in our online Shop or donate to WILPF on our dedicated pages.

WILPF is very thankful for the generosity shown by our donors. You help us pursue our mission for Peace and Freedom and make our daily work possible with your contributions. We would like to remind you that apart from this 1-Day campaign on CauseVox, it is easy to make a donation through our website via Paypal. You can also become a member of one of our 33 national sections or of WILPF International. Besides the fundraising goal, the essential objective of this campaign was to raise the visibility of our movement and its mission. Well done!

The message and purpose of this campaign was and will remain WILPF’s powerful stand to “erase the root causes of violence”. Only a real change will allow us to carry out this project, and on this special occasion we have highlighted with a beautifully animated video these root causes of violence we have identified.


Should you want to know more about our organisation, our programmes and their real impact, you can find a lot of very helpful, relevant and inspiring content in our 2016 Annual report. The year 2018 reveals itself highly critical in terms of warfare and nuclear escalation. We would really love to have you involved in our non-violent peace movement made by women for the well-being of everyone, regardless of their gender, origin, religion or age. We all need to become real change-makers.