Text "International Day of Peace - share and support our campaign to stop the Korean war". Hands doing the peace sign on the left of the image.

WILPF's Statement for the International Day of Peace 2021

Today, the world is observing the 40th annual International Day of Peace – a day originally established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1981 to observe a period of non-violence and ceasefire.

As the world continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, the theme for International Day of Peace 2021 is “Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world.

But what does this mean in 2021, a year that seems to prove that the post-war system established to prevent war and to ensure dialogue has indeed failed?

On this Day, WILPF is calling on all those who believe in peace – activists, governments, non-governmental organisations, civil society – to mobilise for a better path forward. We call for solidarity with peace and justice activists in Afghanistan, Colombia, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Ukraine, DRC, Cameroon and in many other countries.

Listen to the message of Joy Onyesoh, President of WILPF, marking the International Day of Peace:

While we sound the alarm about ongoing crises, we continue supporting longterm peacebuilding – including the one in the Korean Peninsula. Because in the face of our current chaos, we must not forget to address the war that the international community has long abandoned – a war that could re-ignite at any time, and one that feminist peace activists have been working to reconcile for over seven decades.

This is why this year, WILPF is issuing a statement on International Day of Peace calling on the international community to help bring an end to the 70-year-long Korean War. Our statement highlights the issue and the historic and present work of women activists to demand a formal resolution to the war, and shares a series of actions governments must take to support peace in the Korean Peninsula.