Last week, the International Catalan Institute for Peace (Institut Català per la Pau, or ICIP) announced WILPF as the recipient of the 2014 Peace in Progress award!

According to ICIP, WILPF was unanimously chosen “for its century-long involvement in the work of women for peace, its commitment to disarmament, the defense of human rights and the persistence to obtain the recognition of the role of women in the building of peace.”

On this occasion, Adilia Caravaca, President of WILPF, gave the following statement:

WILPF has been awarded this year’s “Peace Builders” award by the International Catalan Institute for Peace. The path toward peace continues to be aggravated and wars continue to escalate in the Middle East. Strong doses of racism, machismo and economic interests reveal veneration for capital profits at any cost. For instance, forces that determine policies and move and misuse human resources which could be used for human development, well-being, and joy. In this context, we welcome the recognition of WILPF’s continuing work for peace, at both national and international levels. We thank the Catalan Institute for Peace, as well as the thousands of women around the world, in this and other organisations, who continue their work and maintain hope for peace.

The award, which consists of a sculpture made by Nobel Peace Prize winner and sculptor Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, as well as a financial donation of 4,000 euros, will be presented next year in Barcelona.

Previous winners include Spain’s first conscientious objector to compulsory military service, Pepe Beunza; five Colombian Mothers of Soacha for their work on human rights and peace in Colombia; and Jovan Divjak, for his courage in the defense of Sarajevo during the Balkans War and his work in favor of the victims of the Balkan wars.

We are honoured to be recognised for our role in the creation of internationalist pacifist feminism and the advocacy of women’s initiatives for peace, especially amongst such notable human rights defenders. We applaud ICIP’s work to promote a culture of peace, and to endorse peaceful solutions and conflict resolutions.