When reading a mainstream history book, you might get the impression that all important historical events were shaped by men. That only men took part in political decision-making, that only men organised and led social movements, that only men took part in creating and sustaining peace.

This is far from being the case.

Throughout history, a large number of women have influenced the events of our world and helped shape the societies of today. Women have been part of uprisings, revolutions and social movements all over the world. They have lobbied for political change and succeeded in creating political reforms and policies that have secured the rights of women and minorities as well as shaped more democratic societies.

12 women, 12 stories

For the last two years, WILPF has posted each Friday a portrait on Facebook of a woman working for peace. This year we have selected 12 of these portraits and made a calendar for 2018.

The beauty of the 12 illustrations made by artist Nina Rupena for the calendar astonished us, so we took a quick decision to print a limited edition of greeting cards. 12 greeting cards together with 12 brown paper envelopes form a pack.

With the new 2018 Calendar and the Greeting Card Pack we want to share the message that women’s voices, their insights, knowledge and perspectives should not be ignored. There will be no sustainable peace without the participation of women.

All around the world, women peace activists are relentlessly working to achieve positive change in their societies. However, there is not one simple path to peace. Each context demands its own approach – and this is what the 12 stories in the calendar and on the greeting cards are telling.

Meet WILPF women and partners such as Edith Ballantyne, Rosmery Moreno Reyes, Olga Bianchi, Rasha Jarhum and Setsuko Thurlow. 12 women, 12 stories, 12 ways to peace.

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