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Women are our greatest strength. We are more than half of the world’s population, we are an enormous global constituency. WILPF maintains and builds its community as a safe and inclusive organisation, using it to advance ideas and create momentum for change. Lasting peace requires people to be mobilised.

We build this membership-based movement, by sharing knowledge and articulating agendas for action, securing sustainable funding, expanding our networks, and being responsive to our grassroots.

We mobilise and empower women, including through women-led efforts to prevent more conflict. Building a strong, dynamic, and non-violent feminist movement is vital to address the causes of war.

Our movement is inclusive and diverse. It includes feminist men, environmentalists, academics, economists, national and international NGOs and UN agencies, philanthropists, feminist political parties … the list is long and all play a role in making this movement work. Together we are stronger.

“Women are our greatest strength. We are more than half of the world’s population, we are an enormous global constituency.”

What we do

Facilitate Access for Local Women Activist

One of WILPF’s greatest strengths is our ability to connect local, national and international efforts. We link grassroots activism to global advocacy …

Support Projects of Grassroot Organisations

One of the greatest challenges women activists and women’s organisations face today is underfunding. Without adequate resources, grassroots activists find themselves struggling to bring about change …

Grow as a Worlwide Organisation

WILPF is a truly global grassroots organisation with national Sections and Groups in more than 40 countries. What started out as a group of women who gathered in The Hague in 1915 to protest World War I has now grown into a worldwide network of women peace activists from all walks of life …

Foster Feminist Movements

“Together we are stronger” might sounds as a cliche, but we truly believe joining forces and building feminist alliances is part of the road to a peaceful and stable world with justice, equality and demilitarised security for all …

Bring Together and Collaborate with Peace Activists and Local Experts

Network is power. Knowing the right people gives you greater access, facilitates the sharing of information, and makes it easier to get influence … 

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