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Redefine Security

WILPF rejects the idea that security is synonymous with military strength. We believe that real security can only be achieved through a shift to a different political economy with investment in environmental protection, social and economic rights, moving money from the machinery of war to the foundations of peace. We define security away from a patriarchal, military definition, and stigmatise militarism wherever we find it. Lasting peace requires ending militarism, disarmament and redefining security.

Militarism does not provide security. It only fuels more conflict. The more weapons we have, the more likely we are to use them. This militarism is fuelled in large part by profitability. The international arms trade is currently valued at US$70 billion per year. Global military spending totalled US$1.7 trillion in 2015. The profits from weapons production and sales provide economic incentive to governments, corporations, and individuals. Too often, international law has been subordinate to the profits of war.

Meaningful security requires a fairer, more equal, and freer society. It requires trust. WILPF maintains that more money should be spent on the real security issues, moving money away from war to the foundation of peace.

“WILPF wants more money to be spent on the real security issues. We want to be free of poverty, hunger, ill health, and more. “

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Ensure a nuclear free world

Challenge the arms trade and armed violence

Raise awareness of new technologies of violence

Move the money from war to peace

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