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Grants and Finance Coordinator


Are you in the middle of your studies? Do you wish to transform theory to practice? To improve your skills? To get real experience on your CV? Then you are perhaps the candidate we are looking for.’

WILPF International often offers internships for individuals who wish to learn more about disarmament, women, peace and security issues, women’s human rights, grassroots communications and NGO management in the context of the United Nations and international organisations.

The right candidates have to be:

  • Self-motivated
  • Able to work independently
  • Willing to learn
  • Open-minded
  • Flexible
  • Not afraid to take initiative


We are an international office with many nationalities, but our working language is English, which means that you have to be fluent in English — oral and written. Depending on the specific internship, other languages can be a plus.

WILPF is part of the charter We Pay Our Interns, which means we pay a monthly stipend of 900 CHF. We only accept applications for posted internships.

Internships Available

There are no internships currently available.

There are no internships currently available.

There are no internships currently available.


"My experience at WILPF was incredible. It was great to work with feminists and human rights defenders from all over the world for a common goal: feminist peace. I have never experienced a more welcoming and warm working atmosphere."


“As my internship started just before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, I am very grateful to have been surrounded by such a supportive, encouraging and inspirational team. Despite everything, the internship exceeded my expectations! I have gotten many amazing opportunities, been part of interesting discussions and met people I could only dream of meeting. The close contact with WILPFers all over the world always made me feel part of the global feminist movement – WILPF is truly full of superheroines!”


”Through WILPF I was able to understand what feminist peacebuilding really means. Not only was I working with an amazing team in an inspiring environment, but I also got an insight into the work of an international NGO. The trust and responsibilities I got as an Intern at WILPF allowed me to learn and acquire knowledge and skills beyond what I expected when I began my internship and I am very thankful for this experience.”

Alina Kiel, Communications Intern in Geneva, Switzerland. Autumn 2019

“I have had an incredible time with WILPF and I want to thank everyone at the Secretariat for being so welcoming and supportive! I have had so many opportunities to try new things and I’ve really appreciated the flexibility in my role. I would recommend this internship to anyone passionate about feminist peacebuilding and curious about the inner workings of a membership organisation.”

Adalmiina Erkkola, Membership and Office Management Intern in Geneva, Switzerland. Autumn 2019

“My experience at WILPF as the Membership and Office Management Intern has allowed me to gain first-hand experience in working with the membership of a global organisation. Thanks to WILPF’s horizontal work culture, here, I have had the opportunity to grow and learn. Overall, the experience has been wonderful. Working with an organisation that takes feminism as its starting point, integrating it into all the work it does, has been a true pleasure!”

Maria Cipriani, Membership and Office Management Intern in Geneva, Switzerland. Summer 2019

“This fellowship was a fantastic opportunity that has exposed me to the NGO world and gave me the chance to work with hardworking, passionate women. I was given major responsibilities that I probably wouldn’t have been able to perform if I was in another fellowship. I have grown as a person, and I will continue in my ways to help push for feminist peace.”

Alexandra Rojas, Communications and Research Fellow, Fall 2018, USA

“The opportunity to make a genuine impact in global politics does not come along often, and certainly not at the very start of your career – but this has been my experience at WILPF. My fellowship has not merely been a learning opportunity or check-box for my resume, it has been a rare chance to see my work reflected in WILPF’s advocacy to advance feminist peace on a global scale. I could not imagine starting my career on more meaningful footing.”

Sarah Tunnell, Security Council Monitor Fellow in New York, USA

“This fellowship has been a steep learning curve of invaluable experience where I have expanded my knowledge within the field of Women, Peace and Security and participated in the work of an international NGO. The three months I spent at the WILPF UN Office in New York gave me the opportunity to work with inspiring women and men from all corners of the world and learn more about the complexities of implementing the Women, Peace and Security Agenda at the global, regional, national and local level.”

Anna Warrington, National Action Plan Monitor fellow in New York, USA

“My fellowship with WILPF/Peacewomen has been one of my most memorable experiences. Being able to see firsthand the process in which decisions are made and to listen to the stories of people whose lives have been uprooted by conflict has opened my eyes to the importance and immediate need for change. During my time here, I have met incredible people from all over the world and have been able to mold my future career goals based on what I have seen and learned.”

Farida Ismail, United Nations Monitor fellow in New York, USA

“My time as a WILPF intern has been a fantastic journey filled with many happy, challenging and rewarding experiences. I have grown both as a communicator and as a person, and I have gained valuable insights to the work of international NGO’s and the UN.”

Sofie Holmberg, Communications Intern in Geneva, Switzerland. Spring 2016

“This internship has been an invaluable experience, and the five months I spent at WILPF’s Secretariat in Geneva taught me more than I could have hoped for. Not only have I learnt how to do communications for an international NGO, but I have also had the amazing opportunity of participating in WILPF’s work at the UN, celebrating the organisation’s 100th anniversary in The Hague, and meeting inspiring and dedicated people from all over the world.”

Åsa Malmberg, Communications Intern in Geneva, Switzerland. Spring 2015

With WILPF what you see is what you get. You master the invaluable opportunity to apply all your undergraduate or postgraduate studies here, that is for sure, and not to mention the fantastic experience of the United Nations Human Rights Council at the Palais des Nations. You could never go wrong with WILPF, as peaceful as it may seem, we will make noise when we have to, because don’t forget this is the first women’s peace organisation in the world! And if you’ve got a sweet tooth, there will ALWAYS be chocolates on the kitchen table! We do not take our international office being in Switzerland for granted.”

Maab Ahmad, MENA Agenda 1325 Intern in Geneva, Switzerland. Spring 2013

My internship with WILPF has been an incredible, eye-opening experience into the inner-workings of a successful and well-respected NGO. It was a fantastic opportunity to engage with women who work tirelessly in the fight for human rights, and to improve my own communication skills on an international level. I was given a rewarding level of responsibility and was supported throughout the internship in pursuing my own interests. Thanks WILPF!”

Shirin Marker, Communications Intern in Geneva, Switzerland. Autumn 2012

“It has been inspirational to work with the women here who have dedicated their lives to the work of peace and freedom. It has been a privilege to participate in the side events that WILPF has put on as well as to attend the Human Rights Council at the UN. During my time here, I have further developed my communications skills and I have gained valuable experience that will benefit me in all future endeavours.”

Robyn Boosey, Communications Intern in Geneva, Switzerland. Summer 2012

“An eye-opening introduction to the UN mechanism, and the role of NGOs in the plight for human rights and nuclear disarmament. After an academic degree in international relations, this internship was truly a great opportunity to step into relevant professional experience for a career within the humanitarian field.”

Gabrielle Bonneville, Disarmament Intern in Geneva, Switzerland. Spring 2012

“Doing an internship at a feminist peace organisation gave me important tools and valuable experience, making it possible for me to continue working for gender-aware disarmament, first as an employee at the WILPF office in Sweden and now as a PhD candidate studying the making of gender in disarmament institutions. After my internship I also got engaged in the organisational aspects of working for peace, and I now represent WILPF Sweden at the international board. An internship with WILPF gives both the experience and inspiration needed to continue working for the implementation of the goals of our organisation.”

Emma Rosengren, Disarmament Intern in Geneva, Switzerland. Spring 2008

“The internship at WILPF gave me great insights in how it is to work as an NGO within the international community in terms of advocacy and fundraising. It also gave me access to a valuable network that has benefited me in my career within international relations. My WILPF colleagues and the atmosphere in the Geneva office motivated me to carry out my dreams to pursue a professional career in this field. ”

Theresa Höghammar, Disarmament Intern in Geneva, Switzerland. Spring 2007

WILPF Afghanistan

In response to the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban and its targeted attacks on civil society members, WILPF Afghanistan issued several statements calling on the international community to stand in solidarity with Afghan people and ensure that their rights be upheld, including access to aid. The Section also published 100 Untold Stories of War and Peace, a compilation of true stories that highlight the effects of war and militarisation on the region. 

IPB Congress Barcelona

WILPF Germany (+Young WILPF network), WILPF Spain and MENA Regional Representative

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WILPF uses feminist analysis to argue that militarisation is a counter-productive and ill-conceived response to establishing security in the world. The more society becomes militarised, the more violence and injustice are likely to grow locally and worldwide.

Sixteen states are believed to have supplied weapons to Afghanistan from 2001 to 2020 with the US supplying 74 % of weapons, followed by Russia. Much of this equipment was left behind by the US military and is being used to inflate Taliban’s arsenal. WILPF is calling for better oversight on arms movement, for compensating affected Afghan people and for an end to all militarised systems.

Militarised masculinity

Mobilising men and boys around feminist peace has been one way of deconstructing and redefining masculinities. WILPF shares a feminist analysis on the links between militarism, masculinities, peace and security. We explore opportunities for strengthening activists’ action to build equal partnerships among women and men for gender equality.

WILPF has been working on challenging the prevailing notion of masculinity based on men’s physical and social superiority to, and dominance of, women in Afghanistan. It recognizes that these notions are not representative of all Afghan men, contrary to the publicly prevailing notion.

Feminist peace​

In WILPF’s view, any process towards establishing peace that has not been partly designed by women remains deficient. Beyond bringing perspectives that encapsulate the views of half of the society and unlike the men only designed processes, women’s true and meaningful participation allows the situation to improve.

In Afghanistan, WILPF has been demanding that women occupy the front seats at the negotiating tables. The experience of the past 20 has shown that women’s presence produces more sustainable solutions when they are empowered and enabled to play a role.

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