Statement on Systemic Racism and Police Brutality Statement on Systemic Racism and Police Brutality
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Cross-movement solidarity is an integral part of feminist movement building that serves to foster knowledge-sharing, mutual support, and the importance of drawing on our collective power in the journey towards feminist futures. 

With this in mind, in early 2021 WILPF sought to engage Sudanese feminists, with their rich experience of organising, to join WILPF’s Syria partners for a fruitful discussion about feminist movement building. 

Entitled “Feminist Resistance Against all Odds”, the virtual session provided a space for feminists working within unique geopolitical contexts to share their experiences of movement-building and explore cross-cultural links between feminists mobilising for peace. 

Capturing shared links

The wide-ranging conversation between feminist activists in Syria and Sudan covered everything from shrinking spaces for women’s organising – and how to reclaim those spaces – to how “proximity to power” can threaten radical agendas and prevent true progress. 

Capturing local issues that highlight the shared links between movements, the session illustrated how the sharing of feminist knowledge, experiences, and practices through transnational solidarity can contribute to the strengthening of feminist movements.

Creating conversation, building the movement 

In the two “Feminists in Conversation” papers below, Sarah O. Nugdalla has gathered the insights and outcomes from the conversation. 

In this paper you can read about the shared struggles for Sudanese and Syrian feminist movements, including the shrinking of activist spaces, sidelining of feminist agendas, and co-optation of their hard-won achievements

In this paper, you can read some of the lessons offered by Sudanese activists on feminist movement building, to help guide and strengthen the efforts of their Syrian counterparts.

The discussion was hosted as part of the 2021 Syria Convening, an annual event in which WILPF brings together its partner organisations through the Feminist Movement for Change in Syria project.

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