WILPF’s long-standing partner, Rasha Jarhum – the Founder and Director of the Peace Track Initiative, founding member of the Women Solidarity Network in Yemen – was invited by the current president of the UN Security Council, the Republic of China, to provide a civil society perspective and recommendations when the Council met to discuss the situation in Yemen on 16 November 2018.

Representing a coalition of 250 Yemeni women and women-led organisations, Rasha spoke about the impact of ongoing violence and militarisation on the lives of women in Yemen and explained how women relentlessly work to end bloody conflicts over water and land resources, to evacuate schools from armed groups, to restore the rights of our sons and daughters to education, and risk their lives every day to rescue families trapped in conflict zones.

Speaking on women’s meaningful participation in the peace process, Rasha welcomed the recent initiative of the Special Envoy on Yemen to establish the Women’s Technical Advisory Group. However, she noted that the Council’s obligations both under the UN Charter and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda indeed include ensuring that women’s engagement is advanced beyond advisory roles towards meaningful engagement.

We affirm that there is no just and sustainable peace without the inclusive participation of all groups of society, including women, youth and civil society.”, Rasha said at the briefing.

Read Rasha Jarhum’s full statement here.