Following the recent takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, the country is now in the midst of a humanitarian crisis that poses extreme threats to lives, safety, and rights of Afghans – particularly women, girls, and human rights defenders. 

Working in close collaboration with WILPF Afghanistan and international human rights organisations, WILPF is focused on ensuring the rights of Afghan women and girls, advocating for refugees and those seeking to evacuate, and securing peace and humanitarian aid for a country in turmoil.

What’s new?

It has been said and repeated. From the United Nations Secretary-General and the Deputy Secretary-General, to the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Emergency Relief Coordinator and OCHA Under-Secretary-General, and, most recently, by the newly-appointed UN Women Executive Director: women’s rights in Afghanistan are’ red lines’, ‘a zero condition’, ‘which must be protected’, and that ‘without women there is no way Afghan economy and society will recover.’

“Afghan women must be meaningfully involved in all negotiations focused on humanitarian aid, economic support, trade, security, human rights, the political process, and governance – all without exception. “

Meet WILPF Afghanistan

WILPF Afghanistan was established in 2015 by human rights activist Jamila Afghani, who continues to serve as the Section’s President. Working with women, men, and young people to advance women’s rights, promote peace-building efforts, and pursue environmental initiatives, in just a few short years the Section has grown to include over 10,000 members – nearly a third of whom are men.  

“We want coherence,

not chaos”

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If you have a media inquiry to make about our efforts for sustainable peace in Afghanistan, please contact Nina Hansen, our Communications Manager: nina.hansen (a)

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The international community must ensure the immediate flow of aid and supplies to Afghanistan 

6 October 2021

Together with Afghan human rights activists, humanitarian organisations, and civil society activists around the world, WILPF is urgently calling on the international community to use an effective and practical way of ensuring financial aid and supplies can be transferred to Afghans …

Selfie of Hareer and Jamila wearing an hejab and their masks


Every bit of dignity we had was shattered

1 September 2021

As the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan escalated in early August, WILPF Afghanistan’s president – celebrated human rights activist Jamila Afghani – and the Section’s programme manager, Hareer Hashim, knew they had to find a way to evacuate …


Building a culture of feminist peace in Afghanistan

21 September 2020

Jamila Afghani, the president of the WILPF Section in Afghanistan, is advocating for the expansion of women’s role in the peace process …

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